12 Month Millionaire: Audio Coaching Sessions With Vincent James - Learn How To Make Money Offline

The 12 Month Millionaire: Audio Coaching Sessions With Vincent James, a six-part audio interview, is a program of Russell Brunson, a web marketer who has generated millions online. It's a take off on THE 12 Month Millionaire, the out-of-print book authored by Vince James. Vince James, an ex-convict, is extremely successful financially through direct mail marketing. The book advises web marketers in moneymaking methods and Brunson mainly interviewed James in order to discover how he could experience more success in his own Internet Marketing business.

Brunson has personally earned millions of dollars through the tactics he studied with James and today people flock to hear him speak on the subject of Internet marketing. In the interview, you could expect to discover how you can become successful when moving your internet business offline and, if you're looking to do this, the information will be very useful to you. A lot of the points made in this interview will most likely not be understood by the average web marketer. However, there are several useful points that will be understood by the smart marketer, who will be able to use the information to improve his business.

The beginning session of the interview is just how Vincent James began a million dollar business as a 21 year old boy. He explains the road to his success and the niche he used to get there. He describes how he was able to create a membership web site and get 65,000 paying subscribers within the first year. In session two, you'll find out about being an information publisher, along with producing info products. Vincent made use of both direct marketing and direct mailing to sell information products and he lets you in on his secret strategies. People are always discussing building a list and the third session discusses Vincent's strategies for creating a list of customers as well as prospects and being positive that the information stays up to date. You'll learn the value of your customers and ways to turn them into a steady stream of income.

Vincent uses the fourth part of the interview to discuss exactly how he attained business success with his advertising tactics. If you need to find out how to convert traffic into sales, this session is extremely important. You will learn more advertising strategies in session five, like using commercial ads on radio and TV, to generate leads. Problems are a fact of life in business and Vincent uses the final session to provide possible remedies for problems that may show up. Discover what to do when unauthorized folks clone your product.

There are lots of products on the web for teaching you how to make money. They vary in quality and ease of use. You're going to learn some useful tips in this program, particularly on using offline marketing to generate money. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a professional marketer, you're going to learn something useful in these interviews.

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